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  • Society for the Study of Labour History
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    Peterloo 1819-2019

    Peterloo 1819-2019

    The People’s History Museum, Manchester
    Saturday 18 May 2019

    A one-day conference looking at the history and legacies of the Peterloo Massacre in its bicentenary year, featuring talks by the foremost historians in the field. Includes: Professor John Belchem (University of Liverpool), Dr Janette Martin (University of Manchester) and Dr Katrina Navickas (University of Hertfordshire).

    Latest issue of Labour History Review

    Latest issue of Labour History Review

    The latest edition of the SSLH’s journal, Labour History Review, includes articles by David Strittmatter on the evolving rhetoric of Peterloo, 1819-1919; Daniel A. Gordon on the French General Strike of May-June 1968; and Jens Ljunggren on Swedish Social Democratic emotional policy, 1880s to the 1980s.

    Labour History Review, Volume 83, Number 3, Dec 2018

    Featured Document - John Fielden and William Fitton Letter

    Featured Document:
    John Fielden and William Fitton Letter

    This letter was exchanged between Radical reformers John Fielden and William Fitton in 1836.

    Fielden was involved in Reform Bill agitation in Manchester in the 1830s. Fitton, surgeon, was indicted for seditious activity in 1819.

    The Society

    Founded in 1960, the Society for the Study of Labour History (SSLH) is the UK’s principal organisation dedicated to the study of labour history.

    Membership is open to everyone who would like to learn more about labour history and heritage whether on a professional or amateur basis.

    The SSLH publishes the journal the Labour History Review, organises regular conferences and actively promotes the preservation of historical resources connected to the labour movement.

    Labour History Review

    Since 1960 Labour History Review has explored the working lives and politics of ‘ordinary’ people. It has played a key role in redefining social and political history.

    Membership to the Society is secured by means of a subscription to LHR. Find out about other membership benefits and how to subscribe here?

    If you are interested in submitting articles to the LHR you can find out more here?

    Student members are also eligible to apply for the SSLH postgraduate bursary

    Archives & Resources

    Since its foundation the SSLH has actively encouraged the preservation of labour history archives, objects (banners, cartoons, ephemera)and printed collections.

    The Archive and Resources Sub-Committee includes staff working at key archives, libraries and museums whose collections tell the story of the British labour movement.

    Find out more about their unique collections here

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